NEW!  Junior Baby Point Historian Adventure

Welcome to the Junior Baby Point Historian Adventure!  The Baby Point community site is not only important to the history of Toronto but also to the entire history of Canada.  The Adventure is an hour-long scavenger hunt you can do with your family to help bring the history of the community to life.  Please follow the following steps:
  1. Obtain an Adventure Map by contacting Matt Simpson at mattsimpson79@hotmail.com or by downloading the first image below and printing.
  2. ​Search for the markers, like the second image below, near the historical plaques marked with stars on the map.  Markers are all within ​20 – 30 feet of the plaques but are hidden, so keep your eyes peeled.  ​We recommend shoes and socks as some markers are in wooded areas.  Please beware of poison ivy and poison oak.
  3. Use the QR code with your smartphone to link to the relevant portion of the Baby Point Heritage Foundation website and answer the trivia question on the back of the card.
  4. Use the punch shown on the third image below on the back of the marker to punch your map,
  5. Drop your completed map in the mailbox at 1 Baby Point Crescent along with your e-mail address to claim your prize!
Have fun!


(Above: Image 1, Map; Image 2, Marker with QR Code; Image 3, Hole Punch to punch your map; Image 4, Questions)

Please click on images above to expand and print.



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Non-members can request an invitation with Zoom links when you RSVP your attendance to http://info@babypointheritage.com

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift!  Our wildly popular Baby Point Heritage Foundation wall calendar for 2022 is now available for $15.00 (no tax) and can be purchased on the Robert Home Smith Collection product page.

 IMG_20211205_040632_edit     IMG_20211205_040653_edit

(front and back page view of calendar)

Link to our product page:  http://babypointheritage.com/initiatives/robert-home-smith-collection/



The Story Behind the Baby Point Heritage Foundation

Founded in early 2010, the Baby Point Heritage Foundation (BPHF) began as a collaboration of neighbours with common interests and a shared goal: to preserve and protect the built heritage of this exceptionally unique neighbourhood. Concerned by interest in demolishing or radically modifying the exterior of homes and streetscape in Baby Point, and catalysed into action by the proposed demolition of a heritage Arts & Crafts home, the group decided to form the BPHF with the view to educate and inform residents and the public of the heritage of the neighbourhood, which is historically, architecturally and archaeologically significant to the history of the City of Toronto, to the province of Ontario, and to Canada.

The Foundation was formally incorporated in August, 2010 as a non-profit, federally-charted organization.

Our Mission:

The focus of BPHF efforts involve three core interests:

• to educate and inform residents and the public of the heritage of the neighbourhood, which is historically, architecturally and archaeologically significant to the history of both Ontario and Canada
• through education and awareness programs, help foster local interest in maintaining Baby Point’s historical atmosphere and architectural integrity
• to make application to the City of Toronto for designation of Baby Point as a Heritage Conservation District (HCD) as laid out in a formal submission

Update on HCD

July 12, 2018 – City of Toronto, Toronto Preservation Board Item:  Proceeding from Study to Plan Phase for the Proposed Baby Point Heritage Conservation District (please click on link below):