Modern-Day Baby Point 2000’s (The Baby Point Club)

Modern Day Baby Point: DSC_5976 (1280x826) In his plan for the Baby Point neighbourhood, developer Robert Home Smith was committed to providing land reserves for churches, recreational purposes, schools and commercial uses, including a farmer’s market. Land reserved by Home Smith allowed creation of the Baby Point Club in 1923 by residents of the growing neighbourhood. The Baby Point Club has helped to maintain a small community atmosphere for more than 90 years and has been the social and recreational nucleus of Baby Point with tennis courts, a lawn bowling green, a skating rink and a clubhouse which has been expanded and renovated since its original build. The Baby Point Club property was bought for $5,000 by local residents, with letters of patent issued November 30, 1923. The owners, together with other interested persons, established an organization called the Baby Point Club Ltd.  ​Today the club is one of two community clubs in Toronto which own their own property and pay property taxes rather than rent for city property. This approach to developing the community paid off in a community fitting Home Smith’s vision.

(Image: One of two roundabouts in Baby Point, photograph courtesy of David Slaughter)



(Image:  The Baby Point Clubhouse, photograph courtesy of David Slaughter)