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2024 BPHF Wall Calendar – Discovering the Art of Clara Isabella Harris. This item includes delivery fees. .


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(Above:  Front and Back of Calendar)  This item includes delivery fees

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Dear Friends and Neighbours: This year’s calendar titled “Discovering the Art of Clara Isabella Harris” features the life and work of local artist Clara Isabella Harris (1887-1975) a contemporary of the Group of Seven and a long-time resident of the Baby Point community. Featured are 12 of her lovely oil paintings with many local spots you may recognize in our community and surrounding neighbourhoods. Also included are fascinating excerpts from her husband Fred Harris’ diary noting their relationship to many others in the Baby Point community as members of the Baby Point Club.

The Baby Point Heritage Foundation wall calendar series began in 2017 with the release of its first issue. Captured so creatively are the beautiful images, anecdotes, and stories that are the connecting dots of every day living and life in Baby Point. They form the foundations of this community creating memories and histories from the principal families of the area to those recently arrived, and thread seamlessly through each other stitching together in a bonded continuity. We hope you enjoy this calendar. As you flip through the pages, please give a moment of reflection and appreciation to the generations of individuals whose cultivation and care have contributed to the preservation of this magnificent place we call home.